Mold Prevention, Mold Remediation

Mold Prevention

Further to my post on Understanding Mold, mold sampling and Air Quality testing, here are a few tips on how to prevent mold growth within your home.

Remembering that molds can grow almost everywhere and on any substance providing moisture, food and correct temperature range is present. Of the three inputs (moisture, food and […]

Understanding mold- mold sampling and air quality testing

Understanding mold- mold sampling and air quality testing

Cultured Stachybotrys (black mold) colonies obtained from drywall paper

Mold 101

Molds (or mildew) are fungi. Fungi are neither plant nor animal but, since 1969, have their own kingdom. The fungi kingdom includes such wonderful organisms as the delicious edible mushrooms, the makers of the “miracle drug” penicillin and […]

Asbestos- What’s the problem?

Asbestos in houses

In a home, asbestos is most commonly assumed to be used as a covering for pipes and boilers. However, it was also commonly found in the following areas:

Exterior siding products (Asbestos cement (transite) board siding and under-sheeting and even stucco),
Window putty,
Downpipes can be made of asbestos cement,
Flooring (vinyl tiles and linoleum sheet […]

Maintaining Drainage Tile Systems

The importance of proper drainage

Proper drainage around a foundation is essential to ensuring a dry basement. Ninety-nine percent of basements will develop leaks if the drainage of rain water and ground water is not managed. The components involved in rain water collection and drainage are:

The roof and roof flashings,
the roof gutters,
the gutter downspouts and
the […]

Determining the age of your hot water tank | Stonegate Home Inspections (778) 960-4357

This installment is aimed at home owners. The intention is to provide information on How to determine the age of a hot water tank or hot water heater.

There are several dozen manufacturers of residential hot water heaters in North America and they all have a date code so they can track warranty or production […]

SAFTY CONCERNS: Product Recall IKEA SMILA wall mounted lamp

Welcome to the Stonegate Home Inspections Ltd blogging website. The intention of this website is to provide useful information for homeowners, tenants, landlords and for the general public.

This installment is aimed at families with small children. It is important to know that every year there are product recalls and although you may have purchased […]