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This installment is aimed at families with small children. It is important to know that every year there are product recalls and although you may have purchased an affected product, you may not realise that it has been recalled. The onus is on the consumer to be aware of product recalls. The quickest and easiest way to look for product recall information is to check the Health Canada product recall website.

For example, on Dec 11’13 there was a product recall for IKEA involving a children’s wall mounted light. Although there have been no reported injuries in Canada, 1 child has died and 1 child has been injured in separate incidents in Europe. If you have purchased one or more of the affected products, in this case, the SMILA wall mounted lamp, there is a repair kit available at any IKEA Canada location.

I hope that by providing this information, Stonegate Home Inspections Ltd is able to educate and help prevent consumer injuries. Keeping families safe in and around their homes is one of Stonegate Home Inspections Ltd top priorities, this is why we provide Fire and Safety Inspections for our clients. If you would like to book a Fire and Safety inspection, please contact us for a free consultation.


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